First hybrid Autism – Europe Congress :
online and on-site

The 13th International Autism-Europe Congress is the first full online Congress with high quality access to its sessions, presentations, workshops, discussion panels and more. You can join in person as well, in the historical city of Cracow. The Congress brings expertise from around the world to promote a positive vision for autistic people and their families.

“Happy Journey through Life” is the theme of the Congress – to highlight the importance of taking a lifespan perspective on autism research and practice, with the promotion of wellbeing for all being the focal point.

The Congress is unique in terms of its history, scale and that it provides a platform for researchers, practitioners, students, autistic people and family members to come together.

The scientific programme includes keynote presentations, a diverse range of symposia topics, interactive poster sessions, workshops run by leading practitioners and moderated sessions to discuss challenging questions.

During the Congress autistic people and caregivers will be central to proceedings, providing a platform for their voice to be heard and to advocate for change.

We celebrate this diversity of perspectives to ensure a “Happy Journey through Life” for everyone.


Isabel Dziobek
Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

Emily Simonoff
Institute of Psychiatry, UK, USA

Ewa Furgal
Girls on the Spectrum Foundation, Poland

Brian Boyd
University of Kansas, USA

Petrus de Vries
Departament of Psychiatry and Mental Health, Cape Town, South Africa

Catherine Lord
Mind Institute UCLA, USA

Professor Connie Kasari




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